Repertoire for Two Harps

Welcome to Lilac 94's Repertoire Resource. As an ongoing project, we are compiling an extensive list of works that have been written for two harps and works that have been composed for two harps and additional instrumentation, including vocal works. If you know of a composition that has not been included here, please bring it to our attention so that it can be added. We hope that this will be a useful tool to help spread the richness of the harp duo throughout the harp community as well as audiences around the world.

As an important part of Lilac 94's mission is to expand and diversify the harp duo repertoire, we aim to organize a Call for Scores at least once a year. Our inaugural Call for Scores seeks music for two harps by female, gender non-conforming composers, and composers representing the ALAANA communities (African/Black, Latinx, Asian/South Asian, Arab/Middle Eastern, and Native American). If you have written a piece for harp duo (or harp duo plus one or two other instruments), please let us know. Click here for submission information.

A few helpful notes about the Repertoire List below: 

It is organized first by composer last name. The first grouping includes works specifically for two harps.

The second grouping is a listing of compositions for two harps plus additional instrumentation.

The third grouping lists double concertos composed for two harps and orchestra (large and small).

An * indicates the work was written for, commissioned by, or arranged for Lilac 94


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  • Alexandre Abremski — Vent de terre Vent de mere (date) (publisher)

  • Andy Akiho —Two Bridges (date) (publisher)

  • Franco Alfano — Danza Rumene No. 3 and No. 4 (date) (publisher)

  • Beth Anderson — Valid for Life (date)

  • Bernard Andres — Le Jardin de Paons

  • Bernard Andres — Parvis

  • Bernard Andres — La Ragazza

  • Jurriaan Andriessen — Sonate: voor twee harpen

  • Dominick Argento — The Angel Israfil (whose heart-strings are a lute)


  • Bret BohmanFoglifter * (date)

  • Bret Bohman —Swirl *(date)

  • Andries de Braal — Sonata per Due Arpe (date)


  • Jacques Charpentier (1933-2017)Pour une Apsara (date)

  • Nicholas Conn — Reflections (date)

  • Sebastian Currier — Crossfade (date)


  • Christian Dachez — Monologue (date)

  • Jean-Michael Damase — Sonatine pour deux harpes (date)

  • Ferdinando DeSena — Harp Dance (date)

  • Paola Devoti — Dialogue

  • Christopher Dietz — Rival of Mars

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